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OVID: Amores 1.1

praeripio, praeripere, praeripui, praereptusto seize first, snatch away
flavaea frequent epithet of Minerva
ventilo, -are, -avi, -atusto fan
regno, -are, -avi, -atusto rule, govern, reign
iugosus, -a, -umhilly, mountainous
pharetratus, -a, -umquiver-bearing
insignis, -is, -econspicuous, remarkable (in appearance)
lyra, -ae (F)lyre
affecto, -are, -avi, -atusto attempt, to strive for, aspire to
ambitiosus, -a, -umself-seeking, ambitious
ubiqueadv., anywhere, everywhere
attenuo, -are, -avi, -atusto make thin, weaken
lego, legere, legi, lectusto gather, collect, select; to read
exitium, -i (N)deat, destruction
spiculum, -i (N)sharp-point; pointed weapon, arrow
luno, -are, -avi, -atusto make cresent shaped, bend back
genu, -us (N)knee
sinuosus, -a, -umbent, curved
resido, residere, resedito sit down
ferreus, -a, -ummade of iron, cruel, violent
litoreus, -a, -umof/from the seashore
tempus, temporis (N)the side of the forehead
undeni, -ae, -aeleven each, eleven at a time
durus, -a, -umhard, firm, harsh
pallium, -i (N)cloak, bedspread, blanket
somnus, -i (M)sleep
lassus, -a, -umtired, weary
subitus, -a, -umsudden, unexpected
luctandoby resisting

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