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OVID: Daphne and Apollo Lines 452-471

fors, fortis (F)chance, destiny
ignarus, -a, -umignorant, unknowing, unaware
serpens, serpentis (M)snake, serpent
adduco, adducere, adduxi, adductusto lead on, bring; draw back, pull
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexusto bend, curve; to turn
cornu, -us (N)animal's horn, object made of horn
nervus, -i (M)muscle, nerve
lascivus, -a, -umplayful, mishievous
umerus, -i (M)shoulder
gestamen, gestaminis (N)something worn/ carried on the body, ornament
fera, -ae (F)wild animal, beast
modo (adv)only recently, just now
pestiferus, -a, -umdeadly, pestilential
iugerum, -i (N)a measure of land
venter, ventris (M)belly, abdomen
premo, premere, pressi, pressusto press, to cover, to oppress
sterno, sternere, stravi, stratusto lay out, spread, to strike down
innumerus, -a, -umcountless, innumerable
tumidus, -a, -umswollen, enraged
sagitta, -ae (F)arrow
fax, facis (F)torch, material used for a torch; flame of love
amor, amoris (M)sexual passion, love
irrito, -are, -avi, -atusto provoke, to excite, kindle
assero, asserere, asserui, assertusto lay claim to, claim as one's own
figo, figere, fixi, fixusto drive in, insert, to transfix
arcus, -us (M)a bow
cedo, cedere, cessi, cessurusto go, proceed; +dat.
percutio, percutere, percussi, percussusto strike; to beat, shake violently
aer, aeris (M)air
penna, -ae (F)wing, feather
impiger, impigra, impigrumquick, swift
umbrosus, -a, -umshady
const, constare, constiti, constaturusto take a position, stand upon
arx, arcis (F)citadel; hilltop, summit
sagittiferus, -a, -umarrow-bearing
promo, promere, prompsi, promptusto bring forth, pull out
telum, -i (N)weapon
pharetra, -ae (F)quiver
diversus, -a, -umopposite; different; seperate
opus, operis (N)work, task, function, purpose
fugo, -are, -avi, -atusto drive away, dispel
auratus, -a, -umgolden
cuspis, cuspidis (F)sharp point, tip
fulgeo, fulgere, fulsi, fulsurusto shine brightly, gleam
acutus, -a, -umsharp pointed
obtusus, -a, -umblunt, dull
harundo, harundinis (F)reed; fishing rod; shaft of an arrow
plumbum, -i (N)lead

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