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JFYP 2 Lesson 17 Vocabulary

in (particle)
あります (ある)to be, to have, is (used for things that cannot move of their own accord, such as books, buildings, plants, vehicles, etc.)
います (いる)(hum) to be (animate), to exist
上 (うえ)on, above, over, on top of, up, upper part, summit, surface, far better, higher
だれもいませんnobody is...
ソファーsofa, couch
くつ下 (くつした)socks
めがねspectacles, glasses
ちかbasement, underground
ちゅうしゃじょうparking lot, parking place
げんかんentranceway, entry hall
タクシーのりばtaxi stand, taxi rank
のりばstand, platform, place for boarding vehicles
下 (した)under, below, beneath
前 (まえ)in front of, before, fore part, ago, previously
うしろback, behind, rear
中 (なか)inside, middle, among
何もいません (なにもいません)nothing is...
本だな (ほんだな)bookshelves
木 (き)tree, wood, timber
何もありません (なにもありません)nothing is...
ドアdoor (Western-style)
食どう (しょくどう)dining room, cafeteria, dining hall
ううんううんno, er, well, .., groan (informal word for いいえ)
いないis not (informal speach for いません)
コピーをするmake a copy
コピーa copy
コンビニconvenience store
こうばんpolice box
となりnext to, next door to
あそびましょうlet's play
かごbasket, cage

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