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OVID: Daphne and Apollo lines 472-493

laedo, laedere, laesi, laesusto harm, to hurt, wound
medulla, -ae (F)the marrow of the bones
latebra, -ae (F)hidind place; refuge
captivus, -a, -umcaptured, captive
exuviae, -arum (F)armor; spoils; the hide stripped from a beast
innuptus, -a, -umunwed, maiden
aemula, -ae (F)(female) rival
coerceo, -ere, -ui, -itusto restrain, confine; to hold back
lex, legis (F)law, rule, regulation, order
aversor, -ari, -atus sumto turn away from, reject
impatiens, impatientisimpatient, intolerant
expers, expertisinexperianced (with), without knowledge (of)
nemus, nemoris (N)woodland, forest
avius, -a, -umpathless, unfrequented; remote
lustro, -are, -avi, -atusto move around, to wander through; roam
conubium, -i (N)marriage, wedding rites
gener, generi (M)son-in-law
nata, -ae (F)daughter
nepos, nepotis (M/F)grandchild, descendant
crimen, criminis (N)charge, accusation; misdeed
exosus, -a, -um+acc., hating, detesting
iugalis, -is, -eof marriage, matrimonial, nuptial
verecundus, -a, -ummodest, chaste
rubor, ruboris (M)blush
blandus, -a, -umcoaxing, flattering; persuasive
cervix, cervicis (F)the neck
lacertus, -i (M)arm, the upper arm
genitor, genitoris (M)father, creator
virginitas, virginitatis (F)virginity, maidenhood
fruor, frui, fructus sum+ abl., to enjoy
decor, decoris (M)beauty, grace; elegance, charm
quod optaswhat you desire
votum, -i (N)vow; prayer, wish
forma, -ae (F)form, shape; beauty
repugno, -are, -avi, -aturusto offer resistance, fight back; to oppose
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsusto decieve, trick; to disappoint
levis, -is, -elight (in wieght); nimble; gentle
stipula, -ae (F)stalk (of a grain plant)
demo, demere, dempsi, demptusto remove, take away; to cut off
adoleo, adulere, adolui, adultusto burn ritually, cremate; to destroy by fire, burn
arista, -ae (F)grain, kernel

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