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OVID: Daphne andApollo lines 494-515

nimistoo close
ruo, urere, ussi, ustusto destroy by fire, burn
sterilis, -is, -ebarren, sterile
nutrio, -ire, -ivi, -itusto feed at the breast, nurish
inoratus, -a, -umunadorned, dishevelled
collum, -i (N)neck
pendeo, pendere, pependito be suspended, hang
como, comere, compsi, comptusto make beautiful, adorn
ignis (M)fire
sidus, sideris (N)star, planet
osculum, -i (N)lips
bracchium, -i (N)forearm
nudus, -a, -umnaked; unadorned
ocior, ocior, ociusswifter, more fleeting
aura, -ae (F)breath of air, breeze
resisto, resistere, restitito pause in one's journey, halt, stop
precor, -ari, -atus sumto pray for, beg
insequor, insequi, insecutus sumto pursue, chase
agna, -ae (F)ewe lamb
cerva, -ae (F)female deer, doe
aquila, -ae (F)eagle
trepido, -are, -avi, atusto panic, tremble, quiver
columba, -ae (F)pigeon, dove
quisque, quaque, quidqueeach
indigignus, -a, -umunworthy (of), not deserving (of)
crus, cruris (N)leg, shin
noto,-are, -avi, -atusto mark, brand, to scar
sentis (M)thorny bush, bramble, briar
asper, aspera, asperumrough, harsh (to the touch)
quain which part, where
propero, -are, avi, -atusto act with haste, be quick
moderatus, -a, -umtemperate, moderate
fuga, -ae (F)running away, flight
inhibeo, -ere, -ui, -itusto restrain, hold back
pastor, pastoris (M)shepherd
armentum, -i (N)herd of cattle
grex, gregis (M)herd, flock (of sheep)
horridus, -a, -umhaving a rough surface; rough, wild, uncouth
ideofor that reason, therefore
tellus, telluris (F)land, earth

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