Bates Technical College
                         Welcome to the BMET/EEST programs 
                         Week of Dec 5th
                         Pot Luck brunch Thursday the 8th.
                          Soldering check list due by Friday week
                          Finals open for Biomed terms,equipment, imaging, schematics
                  Role call   Spot topic, Main, Art               7:00 AM to 7:10AM MTWTF
                 Quarter 5 electronics, Main, Franklin        7:15 AM to 8:30AM M W F
                 Quarter 5 RFID, Main            , Franklin    7:15 AM to 8:30AM T T
                 Biomedical Equipment, lab, Art                7:30 AM to 8:00AM M W(F)
                 Quarter 1 EEST101 Safety, M317,Landon  7:15 AM to 8:00AM T T(F)
                  Schematics   help     Back , Art               8:00AM to 8:30AM T T(F)
                  Quarter 3 electronics,    Main, Franklin    8:35AM to 9:05AM MTWT(F)
                  Q1 Testing Equipment,     M317, Landon     8:40AM to 9:40AM   MT-TF
                  Q5   PLC lab,                   M317, Landon     8:40AM to 9:45AM  W

                  Quarter 1 electronics, Main, Franklin       10:30AM to 11:15AM  MTWT(F)

                   Quarter 3 Applied Math,  M 317, Landon 12:00pm to 12:30pm MTWT(F)

                  Schematics help, back  , Art                        1:30PM to 2:00PM M W (F)   



              (F) Fridays reserved for reports and special projects      






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