frases Sen~ora Pin~a
La Cosa Espan~ol Persona que estudia-aprenda-habla-ensen~a Espan~ol !
TO help you learn just some sentences phrases frases in Spanish, I'm here to show you some of those to speak and practice and repeat to others!

I like Spanish, and I have tried to be accurate in the phrases, so if anything seems wrong , do tell.

Spanish is a fun, quite simple language- LEARN IT WELL! and don't be afraid to speak it to practice, even if you're just talking to yourself about what you should do for the day or eat for dinner- and if someone's bothering you, well just jibber-jabber in some Espan`ol so they can't understand you and perhaps they'll go away! fun for friends- the language yo r math teacher can't read in your notes!

Do email!

ps- this is Spanish 3 or 4 language... sort of
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