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<B><I>Welcome!</I></B> Welcome to the Third Grade English Book List site. Please click on a link below to view a list of possible award winning books in each grade level.

These reading lists were compiled by means of the Lexile reading evaluation website, at
They provide a great deal of info regarding their rating system (it is aimed primarily at teachers and professionals, but is also readily accessible to parents), and they have great website database tools available for parents and educators who wish to create custom reading lists for children. From their home page, look for the 'Tools' heading, and select 'Find a Book'.

The Lexile system is only one measure of 'reading level', but it is a useful tool. Lexile also works with Barnes and Noble bookstores to create kids' reading lists, and B&N has on their website similar tools for helping parents find age, reading level and interest appropriate books for kids. This is not an advocacy of Barnes and Noble as a retailer, simply an acknowledgment that they utilize this system, and have similar tools for finding age and reading level appropriate books. Please keep in mind that other retailers may have similar or equally useful search engines or lists.

The reading lists that have been compiled here had as their primary criterion 'Award Winning'. Hundreds of other books are out there, equally engrossing and accessible to children. In order to limit the sheer size of these 'general lists', award winners (from a variety of sources) were selected. They include both fiction and non-fiction titles. The lists are arranged alphabetically by author. The Lexile ratings have been included simply as a rough rule of thumb to help refine 'reading level' (0 low, 1,000 high).

There is a great deal of overlap when it comes to 'age and reading level' appropriateness in these lists, even to the extent of jury-rigging the Lexile level a bit in order to prevent huge duplications in titles, especially in the Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade categories. A child's reading level, obviously, is not simply a matter of age and grade. Many of the books in both a higher and lower 'grade' level list are not only completely appropriate for children reading from other lists, but would normally be placed there by the Lexile system. The parameters used to arrive at the title lists have been set to give discreet, 'general' reading lists of Award Winning books, with a minimum of overlap, and with a very slight bias to the 'high end' of the reading scale for each school grade.

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