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C'est l'heure de la revolte?

Sarko a gagné. On revolte ou qoui? Qui est avec moi?!?!

Une petite vue de la France en été:

Le surfing est un sport super populaire dans la région Basque de la France.

Une belle femme sur une belle plage en Monaco le beau.

Nice's pebble beaches are famous, as is the Promenade des Anglais, or the English Walkway. Both are picture here.


FRANCE TOLD US SO!!! Read MSNBC's summary of the startling revelations about France's warning calls to the US about 9/11.


I now have the perfect story to tell my students about the importance of French spelling. During minutes 34-35 of Uncovered: The War in Iraq, by Cinéma Libre, there is a great scene wherein Joseph Wilson touches upon the fact that poor French spelling literally chaged the world recently. Key to the American case to go to war in Iraq was the assertion that Iraq was trying to buy "yellow cake" radioactive uranium from Nigeria, or Niger (nee jjair) comme on dit en francais. Supporting this claim was a series of letters the main one being the "Italian Letter", though it was in French. As it turns out, Wilson knew it was a fake immediately because it was riddled with spelling errors. According to the following article, European intelligence agencies recognized the problems immediately, but the CIA, lacking the expertise to detect the faults, fell for the fraudulent letters. Here is an article from MSNBC talking about the spelling errors that chagned the world: Misspelling fake French letters can ruin your plans for world domination; just ask Bush.

The French set the world record today for wheeled locomotive land speed. Japan has a bullet train. It is the world's fastest train, averaging 175mph, and topping out at 361mph. However, this is only one main line, and it is outrageously expensive and little-used. France's system, however, is the world's fastest system. It comprises many lines covering most of France and much of Western Europe. Average speed is over 100mph, with top speed on the old models being about 250mph. This new model topped out at over 330mph, with people on board on a standard track, not a special racetrack or anything. Check it out in MSNBC's article:loco motion yo!


My studies of the feelings of plants have been getting more attention internationally. Check out these two posts online confirming our study from last year about talking to your plants: Plants in Pain

Le vingt mars, c'est le premier jour du printemps!!! J'adore le printemps. C'est la saison de l'amour, de la naissance, du romance, du jardinage; c'est une saison verte. On peut skier, et on peut faire du vélo. Les poissons commencent à draguer, les oiseaux sortent et chantent, et mes roses s'épanoissent!! Voilà une petite vue du printemps francais:

Des tulipes en Paris.

Le Jardin du Luxembourg: déja, c'est ultra-romantique. Puis, en printemps, c'est, ben, c'est Paris quoi!

Le Cathédrale Notre Dame en printemps.

Here is the photo that was recently voted the best photo of the year in 2006. It shows Palestinian victims of an Isreali bombing raid. It is so highly respected because it shows the atypical victims of the fighting in Lebanon. It also shows a Muslim culture far different from the one usually shown in the American media. Remember, one of the main sticking points in the diplomatic relationship between France and the USA is the fact that the USA backs Israel without question, and France is more for Lebanon. France is Palestine's #1 most important ally outside of the region.

Notre premiere bataille de "staring". J'ai gagné, mais c'était pas facile.

Rose avec un visage, ben, comment décrire un visage pareil? Là, j'en sais rien. C'est un visage d'un bébé et voilà. Parlons plutôt du mohawk. . .

Rose qui fait du Tae Bo.

Rose et sa grandmère font une petite promenade.

Tous les phots de Rose en rose sont pris le jour de son premier anniversaire, c'est à dire elle a un mois. One month old comme on dirait en anglais.

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