The Branches are Broken
  Keith Broaders


The Constitution divided the powers of our national government into three separate branches.  They created a legislative branch with two houses to make the laws, the executive branch to enforce the laws and the Judicial Branch to settle settle disputes.

It was the original intent of the founders to limit the size of Congressional Districts to no more than thirty thousand. Due to an error in transcription of the wording in Article  I Section 2 Clause 3 the number of inhabitants in each district .imited, but the number of representatives was limited to not more than one for every 30,000 inhabitants. 

The House of Representatives was to be based on adequate and equal representation and tody we have neither. The Senate, on the other-hand was to be based on equal representation with each state having two senators chosen by the legislatures of the states..

As a result of inadequate and unequal representtion Congress no longer represents the people, It has becme an agency working for the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

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