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Keith Broaders
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Click on the banner above to access the website

Click on the banner above to access the website

We invite you to gather around the kitchen table with your family, friends and neighbors to study the Constitution and the principles of liberty,

Together you can learn from our nation's founding documents the principles upon which the Constitution was written. Reading books, listening to lectures and watching video presentations are all forms of of passive learning, while our program involves active participation.

With our innovative approach to learning will motivate students of all ages to discover the principles upon which our nation was founded. Studying the founding documents can be am exciting adventure for families and individuals.

If you are a home schooling your children, you can engage your entire family in learning the principles that promote liberty, equality and justice.

Learning about the Constitution can be a fun and exciting adventure and you can help restore the principles that made our country great. Access to this website is absolutely FREE, your only obligation is share it with your friends and neighbors.

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