Constitutional Scholars
Keith Broaders Online Professor

I personally challenge every elected official at the City, county, state and federal level to become a certified Constitutional Scholar. A course has been developed online for elected officials to learn the principles upon which our nation was founded.

After completing numerous assignments online, elected officials will be tested by the Online Professor to determine, if in fact they have become Certified Constitutional Scholars.

The names of those elected officials inducted into our Constitution Scholars Wall of Fames will be published on the internet and they will receive a placque in recognition of the achievement

Elected Officials will be given access to website where they can go to study the Constitution and the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers to prepare for an oral exam conducted by the Online Professor.

In order to implement this program, I am going to need a volunteer in each of the over 3,000 counties to administer the vetting interview with the elected officials in their counties

If you would like to volunteer for this assignment, please call Keith Broaders at 669-333-2800.
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