Conventional Wisdom
Keith Broaders Online Professor

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom is nothing more than the prevailing public opinions at a given point in time. It is most often based emotion rather than reason.

A long time ago it was believed that the Earth was flat and that the Earth was the center of the Universe

For thousands of years the people believed their rulers were appointed by God and that many many cultures it was common place for a man to have more than one wife.

The former male slaves were granted the right to vote in 1865, but women were not eligible to vote in all of the states until 1920.

It was also accepted that the Africans were mentally and physically inferior and were not endowed by their Creator with the same rights as their as their white counterparts.

The  Natural Law is based on eternal  principles and can not be altered, amended or abolished, while the Laws created by the legislatures of men change whenever public opinion demands it.

Public opinion is manufactured by those controlling the media and our schools. Trusting the so called experts is like trusting Pinocchio to tell the truth.

Natural Law is Common Law and is based of principles that do not change over time, while Civil Law changes whenever the public opinion requires it.

The financial elite have a vested interest in having a huge supply of ignorant voters. When the majority is uneducated and uniformed the people can be convinced to give up their liberty in exchange for security

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