The Two Party System
Keith Broaders Online Professor

Our Founding Fathers created a bicameral legislature to prevent a tyranny of the majority. They chose to create a republic, instead of a democracy in order to prevent the majority from depriving a minority of their God-given rights. 

The two-party system in the United States and the winner take all of allocating electoral votes promotes a tyranny of the majority, where the votes of nearly half of the people are not counted. According to the Constitution, every man, and woman vote should count the same.

The political parties were created by the financial  elite was to divide the people into political factions in order to control the people and their wealth.

The "Winner Take All" system is used in 48 states awards all of the state's electoral votes to the candidate receiving the most votes while the votes of the opposing candidate are not even counted.

The "Winner Take All" system is a classic example of a tyranny of the majority, where up to 49% of the voters are disenfranchised.

Only in Maine and Nebraska are all of the electoral votes allocated to more than one candidate. Every person in every state should petition their state legislature to end the "Winner Take All" method of allocating their states electoral votes.

The seven principles of the Constitution have been replaced by the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto.

With the passage of the 17th Amendment our Federal Government became a National Government and our Bicameral Legislature became a Unicameral Legislature. Our Republican form of government was converted into a Democratic model and Individual rights became privileges.

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