There is No Such Things as a FREE Lunch
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

When the government offers to provides benefits to an individual they must first take the fruits of another man's labor.

When you or I take another man's property we have committed a crime, but when the government takes property from one to give to another, they are simply redistributing assets.

We all have a right to use our time, talent and ingenuity to create wealth and we also have a right to own and dispose of our property. We do not have a right to take the property of others nor do we have the right to delegate the power to steal wealth to our government.

When a government has the power to compel people to pay taxes under the threat of violence, that government becomes nothing more than a crime syndicate operating under the color of law.

People in many groups have been taught to believe that they've been victims of injustice and are entitled to benefits to compensate them for real or imaginary indiscretion. 

An ethical individual receives compensation in exchange for the goods and services he produces while the unethical individual seeks to obtain something for nothing. The righteous man simply wants the opportunity to compete for the bounties of life while the freeloader expects the government to provide him with a free lunch.

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