Winner Take All
Keith Broaders Online Professor
If more than one half of the voters in Los Angeles County vote for a particular and 100% of all of the voters in California's other 57 counties vote for a different candidate, all of the state's 54 electoral votes will go to the candidate winning only one of the state's 58 counties..

This "winner take all" method of allocating electoral votes in a Presidential election violates the principles of "one person one vote". According to Supreme Court ruling in Baker v Carr every person's vote must count the same, but in the "winner take all" system only the votes of the candidate winning the state's popular vote are counted.

This scheme of disenfranchising up to 49% of the voters by giving all of the state's electoral votes to the candidate winning the popular vote.

Out of the 50 states, only Nebraska and Maine allocate electoral votes to the candidates based on the percentage of votes they actually receive. In these states every one's vote is counted and in the other 48 state's those who vote the principle of "One person one vote" is ignored.

The time has come for the legislatures of all of the states to abandon the "Winner Take All" system and treat all of their voters equally.

In order for everyone's vote to be equal the size of the legislative district at both the state and federal level must be the as equal as is practicable.
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