Trump and the Protective Tariff
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

When a country imposes a protective tariff on imported goods, the country that is importing the goods raises the taxes on goods imported into their country. Protective tariffs end up hurint the consmers in both countries.

Protective tariffs protect domestic producers from foreign competiton and raise revenue for the Federal government. 

How do the people in California benefit from the government spending money on infrasructure improvements in Florida? This is an example of welfare that benefits some of the people at the expense of others. The Constitution only authorizes General Welfare, but allocatingg money from the general fund to specific states or individuals is unconstitutional.

Virtually all of the money that is borrowed to fund the federal government is spent programs and projects that are unconstitutional. If we only allowed Congress to spend money on providing for our common defense, promoting justic and providing for the General Welfare, we could elimiante the need to 90% of the taxes. 

Alexander Hamilton was the Father of Protective Tariffs in the United States. Protectiive Tariffs and the Income Rax privide the fuel redistribute the wealth of the people into the pockets of the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

Trump wants to require foreign nations that have protective tariffs to pay the an equal tariff on the goods they sell in the United States.
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