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The Online Professor Keith Broaders
When the delegates from the states wrote Article V they mandated that no state shall be denied equal suffrage in the senate without their consent. Thirty six states voted to ratify the 17th Amendment and in so doing gave their consent to give up their representation in the senate.

Today there are 7 states, Utah, Mississippi, Georgian, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia have never ratified the 17th Amendment and have not given their consent.

The Constitutional rights of those seven states have been violated and I believe that the legislatures of these seven states are not Constitutionally obligated to comply with the provisions of the 17th Amendment.

When the Northern States nullified the Fugitive Law they did not seek Congressional approval or permission from the Supreme Court.

The Tenth Amendment makes it clear that the states are the masters and the national government is the servant. The state senators of Utah have taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, including the provisions in Article V that prohibit Congress from depriving the states of their equal representation in the Senate.

Our ancestors declared their independence, they did not ask permission from the King or Parliament and if we allow Federal government to deprive the states of their sovereignty we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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