One Person, One Vote
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"One Person One Vote"

In 1968 Florida had a population of 6.433 million people and a new Florida State Constitution created a state legislature with 120 representatives and 40 senators. If the people in Florida today were as well represented today as they were in 1968 Florida would have over 400 representatives and 134 senators. 

The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment requires that every person has a right to be equally represented and the people of Florida are not being properly represented. 

In 1968 Florida had one representative for every 53,000 people and today has one senator for every 168,000 residents.  Florida had  one senator for every 160,825  in 1968 and today we have one senator for every  537,000 people.

In order to insure fair and adequate representation in the Florida House of  Representatives and Senate the number of representatives and senators must grow in proportion to the increase in the state's population.

Every 10 years Florida should use the census to recalculate the number of state representatives and senators   The size of the Assembly Districts should be limited to 50,000 and the size of Senatorial Districts to 150,000.

Comparing Representation in other States

Mississippi 1 rep for every 24.557

Arkansas 1 rep for every 29,782

South Carolina 1 rep for every 39,485

Kentucky 1 rep for every 44,261

Louisiana 1 rep for every 44,383

Alabama  1 rep for every 46,276

Georgia 1 rep for every 56,749

North Carolina 1 rep for every 83,690

Virginia 1 rep for every 83,830

Ohio 1 rep for every 117,307

New York 1 rep for every 131,972

Florida 1 rep for every 168,927

Texas 1 rep for every 183,127

California 1 rep for every 489.310

Every person is every state is supposed to be equally represented

Baker v Carr
Representation in the legislatures of the states         
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