Greenville High School Resource Room 12/Consultant Teacher
This page is designed to act as a bulletin board for you to keep posted about assignments for 12th grade students receiving Resource Room or Consultant Teacher Services.  Keep in mind, these assignments are posted as I become aware of them.

June 3-7, 2013 

Economics/ Mr. Gray

Government/ Mr. Gray
Work on Final Exam: Due June 7th unless you go on the Senior Trip, then it is due June 6th

US History and Government/ Mr. Albright
American Constitutional Review

Physics/Mr. Heffernan

Health/Mr. Tyrrell
Ch 24 #1-4,7-11,16-21,23,25-30, Ch. 26 #1-4,8-15,19-24,28-33, Ch 27 #1-5,9-14,18-23,30-33
Final on Friday and Mon(Senior Picnic)
Mrs. Raskopf's Grade 11 site to prepare for quizzes

English 12 Per. 2 Mrs. Arnone/Ms. Cusick
Monday-Friday—Work on final survivor essay in class, due Friday

Journalism/Ms. Cusick
Work on mock-ups for review

Wednesday—Final version of newspaper due for grading

Enrichment activities
Friday   /

Up-Coming Due dates:

Wednesday, June 5—Final Newspaper due

English 12 Period 8/9/Ms. Cusick
Monday-Friday—Work on final survivor essay in class

Stats/Project Based Math/Ms. Gannon
New Project: Mathematicians

Research is ongoing

Financial Algebra/Ms. Gannon
Final Exam!!!! - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Living Environment/Ms. Sharkey/Mrs. Finch

Final Exam
My Quia activities and quizzes
Death Penalty Review
Useful links
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