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Below you will find a list of pages that will help you revise and recap your sociology course.

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Click here for the crime home page

This page takes you to Physiological explanations of crime, deviance theory and crime search links

This fish takes you to play jeopardy(US) deviance and social control!

Internet crime archives, find out all about serial killers, cannibals & the god of poison


Coursework page 2 with work schedule!

Methodology checklist!

Ski to theTutorial

Learn how to research sociology on the internet

Ski to theTutorial

Religion page 1

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These pages may help you when tackling your synoptic links when studying Stratification and Differentiation. Or aid resit revision!

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Hannah buy these to passify your sociological baby

Craig has now promised full attendance on the A2 course even if he is at death's row he will get there somehow. Well done Craig, what commitment!

Here is the answer to all your worries if you are not understanding sociological terms/words

Examination Dates Exam Dates

Exam Dates

Summer 2004

SCY4 - RELIGION - Written - 1h 30m - 18th June - 13:30 Start

SCY6 - Crime - Written - 1h 30m - 30th June - 9am Start

Topic links

Religion 1

Different theories of religion

Religion 3

Cults, sects, denominations and churches and their relationship to religious activity.

Religion 2

The role of religion as a conservative force and as an initiator of social change.

Religion 5

Different definitions and explanations of the nature and extent of secularisation

Religion 4 Explanations of the relationship between religious beliefs, religious organisations and social groups

My Quia activities and quizzes
Religion as an agency of social change
Useful links
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