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Think working in a call center may be right for you?

Call center employment is a great way to develop your customer service and computer navigation skills, and can be a very rewarding option! Before you begin, we want to ensure you have clear expectations regarding the skills needed to become a Teleflora employee. Before applying review the Job Skills and Duties below for more information regarding what it takes to successfully work at our call center.

Thank you for your interest in Teleflora!

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Job Description and Skills
To ensure a positive experience for both our customers and our employees, both seasonal and permanent, we evaluate each of our applicants very carefully to confirm you have the skills needed to be successful.

Job Skills
Duties and Departments

Job Skills

To become a seasonal agent, you must:
  • Be able to work extended hours as needed to meet company peaks
  • Work during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day
  • Have excellent customer service and active listening skills
  • Have good typing and computer navigation skills
  • Be comfortable multitasking and learning new computer applications
  • Be dependable and self-motivated

Duties and Departments

While the same basic skills are required for all employees, the job duties will vary by department.
  • 24 Hour Flowers
    • 24 Hour Flowers is Teleflora's support program for our member florists. In this department, your primary responsibility would be to enter orders and messages on behalf of our member shops when they are unavailable.
  • Lawson Sales and Service
    • In Lawson, orders are tracked and sent to our member florists for delivery. As a Lawson agent, your responsibilities would include entering new orders into the system; and providing assistance with existing orders to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve customer concerns.
  • Order Call Out
    • In the event an order cannot be placed with a florist through our automatic system, an order callout agent would contact other members florists to ensure the order is fulfilled to the customer's expectations.
  • Fulfillment
    • As an employee in this department, your responsibilities would be to research and resolve credit card declines, customer complaints, and order changes.
  • Floral Support Help Desk (FSHD)
    • Your main responsibility would be to take calls from our member flower shops, and assist the florist with any questions they may have regarding an order they have received from Teleflora.
  • Email
      As an employee in Email, you would communicate with consumers via email to resolve credit card declines, customer complaints, and order changes, as in our Fulfillment department.

You are now ready to apply. The available positions are seasonal, with the potential for on-call or long-term employment for our highest performers.

Click the link below to submit your application to work in our Paragould office:
Paragould, AR Application

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