Prof. Amy Barr, Magistra Barr, Mrs. Barr
Instructor of Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3, Latin 4, Latin 5, Latin 6, Mythology Alpha & Beta, Roman History
The Lukeion Project
253 Old Beardstown Rd
Lobelville, TN  37097
United States
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About me
I am the co-founder and an instructor at the Lukeion Project. I began my education with an undergraduate degree in Classics (Greek and Latin plus all the Classical world). I began excavating in Jordan at a site called Abila. Next I moved to a site called Medea in Greece in graduate school. My most recent archaeological work was at the site of Homer's Iliad at Troy in Turkey. While I excavated I finished my M.A. in Latin at The Ohio State University and then went on to do PhD work in both Ancient History and Classical Archaeology.
We founded The Lukeion Project in 2005.
At The Lukeion Project we are dedicated to bringing the Greek and Roman world to life by providing an extraordinary education about the Classical world. We cater to an exceptional bunch of students, many of whom are home educated and all of whom are blessed with an interest in everything. Our classes are online, but we meet live in a virtual classroom.

You may attend our classes from any place on the planet where high speed internet is available. Please click on our web-page below to find out what workshops and semester courses are available.
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