Mrs. Timmins
Southside Elementary
Angleton ISD
1200 Park Lane
Angleton, TX  77515
United States
Phone: (979)849-5245
My links
Multiplication: 3 minute timed test
Multiplication: untimed test
Multiplication: World Traveler
Multiplication: Times table grid
Multiplication: Sum Sense
Multiplication: Speed Grid Challenge
Multiplication: Spacer Racer
Multiplication: Save the Clown Fish
Multiplication: Spinning Wheels
Multiplication: Dragable on a grid (very helpful!)
Math Facts: Around the World
Area & Perimeter-Interactive
Perimeter & Area of Rectangles
Area: Shape Surveyor Geometry Game
Area: Explorer
Division: Alien Munchtime
Division: Lucy's Costume Closet
Division: Division Machine
Division: Sum Sense
Anglers: Kung Fu Angles
Shapes: Polygon Matching Game
Triangles/Angles: Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Transformations: Reflection (mirror)
Transformation: Rotation (turn)
Transformation: Translation (slide)
Geoboards: Make shapes by stretching rubber bands
Remainders (3 kinds)
Long Division: Presentation that teaches the steps
Long Division: The Number Monster
Long Division: Step by Step (good practice!)
Draggable Division
Fractions & Decimals
Match fractions to their model to reveal a picture
Match SIMPLE fractions and try to beat your high score!
Match MIXED fractions and try to beat your high score!
Match EQUIVALENT fractions and try to beat your high score!
COMPARING fractions
ADDING Fractions
REDUCING Fractions
Probability Fish Game
Probability-Coin Toss
Fraction Number Lines
Visual Fractions
Fraction Number Lines: Find Grampy
Ordered Pairs-Interactive
Water Cycle Quiz
Water Cycle Game
Water Cycle Interactive Quiz
Cloud Scramble from NASA
Atmospheric Trivia Game
Cloud Matching Game
Where do I Belong in the Atmosphere
Weather Wiz Kids - an educational website with experiemnt ideas!