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About me
Undergraduate degree from Va Tech in Animal Science and Biology

Graduate Degree from Hollins College in Teaching

Origionally from Northern Virginia
Moved to Roanoke in 2000

Hello Students and Parents,

Again this year I have set up this website to help you along your sixth grade journey.  Check your Blackboard for homework.  This is also where you will log in to take tests and quizzes during class.  Should you have any questions, comments or even suggestions, please to not hesitate to speak up either in person or by email.  I am always looking for ways to streamline and improve!!!  I look forward to a great working relationship with all of you and know we will manage some fun along the way.  Daily and weekly HW will appear underneath this message and will be updated frequently so check back often. 
Ashley Whitson

This extra credit can be done anytime you choose and turned in when completed.  Your assignment is to find a current science related article in the daily newspaper, online (from a reliable source such as, or in a weekly news magazine such as Time or Newsweek.  The article MUST be attached to your writing.  The article can be on any type of science such as weather, medicine, DNA, space, etc., but must be dated from that particular month.  Read the article carefully, and then write a complete paragraph summarizing the contents of your article.  A paragraph should be 5 sentences or longer and describe the who, what, when, where, and why of the article.  Next, write a second paragraph that tells your thoughts or opinions on what you read.  Do you agree, disagree or find it interesting?  YOU MUST HAVE 2 GOOD PARAGRAPHS TO GET CREDIT!!!  You may do one article per week, every week, all year.  Each one is worth 5 points.  These really will add up and help your grade.  You may not hand in more then one per week, so don’t wait until the last minute!!

Current events can be done weekly for 5 points each.
Find a science article in the newspaper or a news magazine dated from the past week.  Read and summarize the article in 1-2 complete paragraphs.  In an additional paragraph please share your thoughts and opinions regarding the topic of your article.  These can be turned in to the class bin any day during the week.
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