The Protean Project /
The Nereus Initiative
Rev. B.A. Gregg, Director
Cleveland School of Science and Medicine
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Students will be able be challenged at all times to think about how language works, to question their usage and application of language, to view the world as an ongoing process that stretches back from their current surroundings and modern mindset to a place removed in both geography and millennia  yet a world that remains in so many ways, very much the same.

This Project has been created to allow students the opportunity to add to the conversation that is teaching and learning.  Not only the repository of nearly 130,000 indexed questions and 2,000 games in Greek and Latin, but a powerful tool for practice and assessment, the Protean Project affords students pathways to excellence in the Classical Languages.

~Rev BA Gregg
What are The Big Ideas of a Classical Education?
° As the foundational language for the common-usage languages of the United States, Latin and Greek advance students’ understanding of other languages.

° More, the structure of Latin and Greek grammar provide a clear scheme to unpack how language works. By seeing how each part of a language functions, we can see how language as a whole creates meaning and expresses ideas.

° Additionally, through studying Latin and Greek , students gain mastery of Latin-derivative words found in college admissions and placement examinations, and in college-level courses in science and medicine – gaining power and clarity in their speaking and writing.

° Finally, through understanding the product and practices of the Ancient World, students gain insight into the foundations of Western Civilization and will be able to compare and contrast these Roman products and practices with those current in modern society.
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