Mr. Headlee
Math Instructor
Marion Senior High School
848 Stage Street
Marion, VA  24354
United States
Phone: 276-783-4731
Fax: 276-783-4117
About me
I was an Air Force brat and spent the beginning of 2nd grade and lots of summers here in Marion; so while not a native, I have seen Marion change over the past 50 years.  I spent 20 years in the Air Force before retiring and still have many contacts from my time teaching at the Air Force Academy (including the  head football coach).  If anyone is interested in the Academy, I would love to talk with them about it.  I was a scientific analyst in the Air Force and in my second career in the Aerospace industry; spending lots of time looking at processes and trying to make them better.
In the links below are my classes at Marion and to my personal website (that has all the notes and lessons for the classes I have taught in previous years).

Academics: I firmly believe that anyone willing to put the effort into my classes can pass them, but in general the lazy will not pass.

Athletics: I feel that academics comes before athletics and that players must put school before sports. I will work with any athlete that needs extra-instruction before or after school to succeed in the classroom. They will not have to choose between sports or school, but they must be willing to work.
My links
Geometry Class
AP / DE Statistics Class
Algebra, Functions and Data Analysis Class
My personal Website