Coach Guy
DCJHS 9th Grade American Government Teacher, US History Buff, "Young George Washington" Historical Actor
Dawson County Junior High School
Dawson County
Dawsonville, GA  30533
United States
About me
I am in my 14th year of teaching, but if you ask me, I still consider myself more of a student than a teacher. My students teach me things daily about what motivates them, what moves them, and what drives them to learn, achieve and excel. I have four distinct goals for each of my students this year, and they include getting them to "read like a detective" to become a "stellar speller" learn to be a "wordsmith", and to become good note takers. I try to take that valuable intel and incorporate it into my lesson plans and activities so that rather than "watching the clock" in my class or counting down the seconds till they can leave.  I try to make each day one in which they dread the sound of the bell because that means they'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out "the rest of the story" history is fascinating to me, because as I often tell them, its called History for a reason, put another way its really a bunch of stories about "us" as people, a nation, and individuals that all conspire to bring about tragic as well heroic events. Not only do I get to tell stories all day, but TRUE stories to a captive audience. How lucky am I?!! :)
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