Dianne Guest
Spanish I, II and III and 8th Grade Exploratory Spanish Teacher
Avinger High School
Avinger Independent School District
Avinger, TX
United States
About me
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and English with a lifetime provisional teaching certificate in the 2 subjects for grades 6-12.  I first taught English and Spanish from 1972-1976 in Texas and then in Mississippi; while in Mississippi, I earned a Master's of Science in community counseling and worked as a mental health therapist/community counselor in various settings from 1977 until 1998.  During that time, I taught for one year (1990-1991), in an inner city school in Mobile, Alabama, where I taught gang members job skills English and remedial reading.  I returned to teaching in 1998; however, since that time, I have only taught Spanish. 
I have lived in Mexico, Germany, and Guam, as well as in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama.  While in Europe, I traveled in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, and (of course) all over (then) West Germany.  While living on the island of Guam, I visited the Philippines, Hawaii, and Saipan.