Profesora Lite
Clements HS
Sugar Land, TX
United States
About me
I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. I moved to the United States in 1991 and I’ve had the opportunity to live in several different states before settling in Texas with my husband and three children.
I met my husband in 1989  while he was participating in an exchange program in Barcelona. My husband and children are all fluent Spanish speakers. We enjoy traveling, going to the movies, playing basketball and soccer. Even though I am miles away from home, I remain a dedicated and loyal supporter of FC Barcelona.
I earned my Bachelors degree in Spanish from the University of Houston and my Masters from the University of Barcelona. I realized my passion for teaching language while learning English and French as third and fourth languages, respectively. As a native Spanish (and Catalan) speaker, I think it is imperative to teach children about the different Spanish speaking cultures around the world. Understanding the language will help students understand the various cultures in Spanish speaking countries. Furthermore, exposure to foreign languages not only helps students develop their proficiency in their communication skills, but it also enhances their academic success in other subject areas.
Tutorials Tuesday's after school 2:30 to 3:20