Magistra Reynolds
Latin teacher
Nova Classical Academy
St. Paul, MN
United States
About me
I teach the 2nd-5th grade Latin classes for Nova Classical Academy's Lower School.

If you click on a class below you can join the class and you will see some reference files you can download.
I am slowly adding more information and files to this site so please check back often! Search for activities by class, grade, or by the description if you are looking to practice a certain topic or chapter. Email me if you are looking for something in particular and you have trouble finding it.

If you are looking for vocabulary practice, please also click the link below to my Quizlet site. Complete vocabulary is there for grades 3-5 and Quizlet does have some grammar practice flashcards for 4th and 5th grades as well.
My links
My Quizlet site - vocab lists and flashcards
Official Minimus website
Cambridge textbook online (5th grade)