Monsieur Huffman
French Instructor French 1-4 Clark Shawnee High School, Ohio
Shawnee High School
Clark-Shawnee Schools
2330 Chickasaw Dr.
1675 E. Possum Rd. Springfield,OH 45502-7947
London, OH  43140-9014
United States
Phone: 740-852-6399
About me
An old military brat, the son of a war bride from Belgium - she the daughter of a French WWI war bride and my dad the son of an off-the-boat German immigrant, I was genetically, as well as socially and culturally predisposed to have an interest in languages. Add in living in France and Germany through my dads' duty stations during my early youth, along with annual trips to Europe, make my language journey both a personal educational experience and an academic one. Academically speaking, I have a BA in modern languages - French and German - from Wright State University, my license through Ashland University, and nine hours of course work with the Universty of No. Iowa. I recieved my five-year professional license through the good graces of Shawnee High School in Springfield, Ohio.
Bonjour à tous mes amis autour du monde. Y compris mes anciens élèves de London High School, de St. Charles Prep, de Hilliard Davidson et Darby High Schools, Wheelersburg High School et surtout Shawnee High School. J'espère que vous aimez mon site. Si vous avez quelques bonnes idées pour le site, laissez-moi connaitre.
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