Ms. Pchelnikova
Chemistry Teacher
Garey High School
321 W Lexington Ave
Pomona, CA  91766
United States
Phone: (909) 397-4451
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My links
Acid/Base Tutorial (available in Spanish)
Great video introducing the PH scale (6 min)
Acid-Base reaction interactive simulation
Acid-Base titration interactive simulation using pH meter
Neutralization reaction between HCl and NaOH animation
States of Matter Tutorial (available in Spanish)
Gas Molecules in Action
Animated Gas Lab
Virtual Chemistry Experiments
Scientific Notation Game
Metric Prefixes Game
Gravity Fun (Leaning Tower of Pisa Experiment)
Multimedia Physics Studio
Scalars and Vectors
Distance and Displacement
Speed and Velocity
Animations of Physics' Concepts
How Many Ways Can You Think of Newton's First Law?
Momentum and Collisions Visual Concepts
Self-Check Tests and Quizzes (Physics)
Self-Check Tests and Quizzes (Chemistry)
Multilingual High School Glossary (Chemistry and Physics)
Physics Personal Tutor (animation!)
BrainPop Movies (Physics and Chemistry)
Balancing Act Game
Practice Balancing Equations
1,000,000 Atoms to Balance! Game
Balancing Chemical Equations Game
Chemistry Fun Activities and Games
Chemistry Video Lessons
Significant Figures Game
Chemical Bonding Animation (available in Spanish)
Chemical Equations (also in Spanish) with Molecular Mass Calculator
Potential and Kinetic Energy Animation
States of Matter Simulation
Physics Tutorial, Waves
Sound Waves and Music
Light Waves and Color
Optics Visual Concepts
Animation of Optical Concepts
Interference of Light Waves Interactive Tutorial
Reflection of Light Interactive Tutorial
Refraction of Light Interactive Tutorial
Diffraction of Light Interactive Tutorial
Polarization of Light Interactive Tutorial
Solutions and Mixtures
How Do Solutions Conduct Electricity?
How To Make A Solution
Chemistry Animation Center
Physics Tutorial
Physics Visuals
Electromagnetism Animations
Nuclear Reactions (Available in Spanish)
Magnetism Animations
Newton's First Law Challenge
Circular Motion Tutorial
Circular Motion Applet
Circular Motion Visuals
Circular Motion Interactive Simulation
Balance Equations Simplified
Energy Conservation and Transformation
Work and Energy Tutorial
Properties of Gases
Properties of Waves Animations (1D, 2D, 3D)
Animation of NaCl dissolving in water
Saturated Solutions Animation
Calculationg Molarity Animation
Circuits and Current Animation
The Physics Zone
Name That Motion Activity
Free Fall Motion
The Leaning Tower of Pisa Experiment
Graph That Motion Activity (Test Prep)
Step-by-step tutorial for two-dimensional motion
Kinematics Exams and Problem Solutions
Video Tutorial on Projectile Motion
How to solve Projectile Motion problems
Quantum Wave Interference Simulation
Photoelectric Effect Simulation
Hooke's Law Simulation
Electric Charges and Fields Simulation
Organic Chemistry Tutorials and Practice Problems
Exploring Molarity
Exploring Acids and Bases
Exploring pH-scale
Exploring Sugar and Salt Solutions
Heating Curve Animation
Heating Curve Visual Graph
Rates of Chemical Reactions
SPHS Unit 1 Videos
SPHS Unit 2 Videos
SPHS Unit 3 Videos
40 Elements of the Periodic Table Quizlet