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Games: Scroll down to the class links I have posted under the heading Classes. Click the link for the information you need to practice. Play the games on the class page that opens. Play more than one game--usually start with the first quizlet. Play games that help you review your areas of weakness! You will find some related terms we are not studying mixed in with our terms--learn these also to broaden your knowledge!

Today's Assignments: These assignments review the material we have studied. These can help you know what you need to study and help me know what you need more help with in class. These are usually assigned for class only and may be a class grade or bonus grade.

My Links: After you have used the links under Classes and Today's Assignments, you can use the links below to watch videos or go to websites to learn more.

My links
Your Quia Login Directions! Classroom
Use the links BELOW for Content Links for the whole year:
Discovery Education Student Login (Watch Videos to help you understand!)
My Old Portaportal Site (with interactive links to help you understand the material we are studying)