Sra. Judilee Hays
Spanish 1A and 1B; 7th and 8th grade
College Station Middle School
College Station ISD
College Station, TX  77845
United States
About me

I have been teaching Spanish for more than thirty years, and I still love it! I have taught Spanish at several high schools and colleges. These past  13 years I have had the fortune to spend two years with my middle school students, teaching Spanish 1 as a high school course, with high school credit! This gives us time to assimilate the language and culture, while having a bit of fun too. Most of my students take Honors and AP Spanish classes, in high school, and some even continue with Spanish in college.

Not only do I love Spanish, but I also love computers, crocheting, beading, reading Science Fiction, and music, But I love most being with my family which includes mi esposo, mi nieta, tres gatos y un perro viejísimo.
   This website contains more than 700 games that relate directly to what we're studying in Spanish 1 with our Realidades textbook.
   Just click on a topic and try them out! If you find any errors, please, let me know.

   If you're a computer novice, I'll be glad to help you get started. Enjoy!
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