James M. O'Donnell
Teacher of French as a foreign language // FLE
An American school with +/-46% international students
About me
B.A. in Anthropology, Psychology minor
B.S. in French Language, Education minor
M.A. in Langue et Culture Françaises from UCSB
Fulbright Exchange Teacher to France 1987 - 1988
K-12 French certified and experienced
K-12 ESL certified and experienced
Married, Belgian wife
2013, 2010, DELF Certified exam scorer for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2
2010 AP French exam reader "cédéiste"
Francophone home
Moderator of APexchanges, the Yahoo group for AP French teachers (1000+ members)
Site owner of the Yahoo group, Trésors du temps, for teachers of Fr. III - AP
Website owner of the student website for Trésors du temps. http://www.quia.com/pages/jodonnell/page49
Wiki owner of TAP-FLC, the new AP French teacher wiki (1300+ members)
2012 July Guest Presenter at 13th International congès of the FIPF in Durban, South Africa
2012 November Guest Presenter at the 18th "symposium de la SUF, (French Teachers' Association Czeck Republic) in Podebrady
1) Teach for 100% mastery the first time.
2) Set high expectations.
3) Each student works to the best of his potential.
4) Be content with good work.