Guy Dipolito
Teacher of French as a foreign language // FLE
French Tutor Guy
2510 Nottingham Way
Mercerville, NJ  08619
United States
Phone: 6094330973
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About me
I have been private French tutor since 2005. Previously, I worked for ten years as a K-12 certified French teacher. I have taught all levels of high school French, including levels 1-AP.

I currently have two 8 year old students as well as students in middle school, high school, college and adults of all proficiency levels from various backgrounds.

I was awarded a Fulbright via The Classroom Teacher Exchange Program from The United States Department of State in 2011.

I have owned my own tutoring business since 2005. I have lived, worked and traveled extensively in Southern France. I have prepared a US Navy Seal for an international assignment, a prospective French teacher preparing to take her NJ Certification Test and a social worker who has since transferred to the field in Africa.

My lessons integrate American and European methodologies and supplemental activities targeting listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Additional independent practice is provided through auto-scored online activities. Progress is monitored and assessed during each lesson.
1) Teach for 100% mastery the first time.
2) Set high expectations.
3) Each student works to the best of his potential.
4) Be content with good work.

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