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These exercises will help you to learn the languages, revise grammar and vocabulary in a way which is more fun than using a worksheet.

save these in your favourites and you can then access them easily.

My links
atantot extra vocabulary practice in Fre Ger Spa It
languagesonline - lots of practice in all langs
video on demand - see the top bar to choose language for GCSE level language practice
French and Spanish games
for teachers ...
german games
german games - with links to other languages
German about.com - useful for any kind of Ger lang research
German false friends
countdown clock
schwab german site - scroll down for exercises
For AS A2 students - Germany by the Goethe Institute
fantastic German site for intermediate to advanced - lots of culture and online games
Robert Shea website - scroll down for games and German info - use side bar scroll for links to other information
German online dictionary
online Fr Sp It Ger dictionary - recommended
past games - queen elizabeth - 2056
puedo hablar
http://<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;�...