Magistra Wilkins
William Byrd High School
Roanoke County Public Schools
2902 Washington Avenue
Vinton, VA  24179
United States
Phone: 540-890-3090
About me
I grew up in Amherst County, but graduated from Timberlake Christian High School.  I then attended Sweet Briar College, where I earned a degree in History with a minor in Latin.  But the madness of classics had struck, so I went back and studied Latin and Greek for two additional years.  I wrote a senior thesis on Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul and a summer honor's research paper on androgyny in ancient Athenian history, law, and literature.  I then completed a Postbaccalaureate Program in Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.  My favorite ancient authors are Homer, Ovid, Euripides, and Tacitus.
  Interspersed throughout the above, I taught Latin in Bedford County Public Schools and Amherst County Public Schools.  The 2014-2015 school year is my seventh teaching in Roanoke County, which I enjoy immensely.  I have also served as a teacher and lead teacher at Governor's Latin Academy. 
Salvete Omnes!

I hope to use this page in and outside the classroom to better improve comprehension and retention of important knowledge and skills.  Latin is cumulative, meaning all that we learned in Latin I needs to accompany you to Latin II.  Please use this resource throughout the year and over the summer, so you can maintain your skills.
Magistra Wilkins