Latin I and II Teacher
Lafayette-Winona MS and Northside Middle School
Norfolk Public Schools
Norfolk, VA
United States
Phone: LWMS (757-628-2477) NMS (757-531-3150)
About me
My husband and I live in Norfolk with our cat.  My two daughters live in Buena Vista, Va and in Columbus, Indiana.  I have a BA degree from Mary Washington and a MAL from Hollins University and I have taught Latin, Math and Algebra I in middle and high school and Sociology at the community college level.  I am at Lafayette Winona on even (B) days and at Northside on odd (A) days.
My links
Online textbook
Practice noun, verb and adjective endings here. Go to preferences in nouns and click 1st and 2nd declension and all 5 cases. In verb preferences, check all conjugations and present, imperfect, future and perfect tenses.
After you finish work, here is a free online game!!!