Larry Nelson
Curtin University
School of Education
Curtin University
Perth, Western Australia
About me
My current position at Curtin is Adjunct Associate Professor. I retired from full-time teaching at this university in 2004.

I hold another adjunct position: Professor at the College of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science, Burapha University, Thailand. I also write computer software on both a free and a commercial basis.

My background is in electrical engineering, educational technology, educational psychology, and test and measurement theory and practice. My doctorate is from the University of Colorado at Boulder (1973).

Originally from the United States, I have also lived and worked in Venezuela, New Zealand, and Australia. Consulting and teaching assignments, many of them stretching over years, have seen me often working in Indonesia and Thailand.

I am married; my wife is from Burma. We have four adult children. I speak two or three flavours/flavors of English, and like to believe that I am still fluent in Spanish.
My links
My major activity, 'Lertap', may be seen here.