Mrs. Barone
James Wilson Young Middle School
Bayport - Blue Point
602 Sylvan Ave.
Bayport, NY  11705
United States
About me
I've been a science teacher for 6 years and have been in Bayport - Blue Point for 5 years.  I've taught Earth Science at the high school, and 7th and 8th grade science at the middle school.  My favorite type of science is Earth Science, which is the study of things like geology (rocks and minerals), astronomy (the universe), and meteorology (weather).  My absolute favorite thing to learn and talk about is astronomy.  There is such a small amount that we know about the universe that we live in (like less than 5%!) that much of the science is based on our imaginations.  Think about it... so much of the technology that was only science fiction 50 years ago is now science fact!  So dream big, because even your wildest dreams could one day be true!