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French instructor
Charles Owen High School
Owen High School

Instructor: Michèle Delange
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Course: French French I French II French III

Course Description:

An in-depth study of the French language, both conversational and grammatical, as well as studies in various aspects of the culture of French speaking countries.


1. Attempt to use the language. At the very least- BE SILENT! Listen…let learning occur…

2. Be present (not just NOT ABSENT, but fully present.)
pay attention to details, notice language as it happens, take good notes, etc

3. Communicate- ask questions, share ideas.

4. Actively seek knowledge (both in and outside of the class.)

5. Be/ have FUN!

*The above items are not listed in the order of importance and should be considered of equal importance.

Goals and Expectations:

The goal of most people opting to study a world language is the eventual ability to communicate in and understand that language.  It is my desire to assist every student in reaching his or her potential in this, but in order for individuals to achieve this goal, they will need to be in a constant state of attention to any communication in or about the target language (French.)  Individuals will also need to make giant efforts to use the language as much as possible.

Beyond learning to understand and communicate in French, another goal is to increase individual knowledge of French and Francophone culture.  This includes a range of topics such as music, food, literature, poetry, cinema, art, geography, philosophy and politics.

Adding to the goals of increasing knowledge of French language and culture, another overall goal is to provide an environment in which each individual may strive to achieve his or her maximum potential through hard work and having FUN.


Grading: Input (listening/reading) 20%

Output (speaking/writing) 20%

Participation 20%
a. ORAL-student use of French
b. OVERALL-teacher/student assessment of student

Evaluation (tests/quizzes) 40%

Examples of activities:

Listening- participation in and comprehension of:  oral vocabulary presentations and activities, oral grammar presentations and activities, tapes, cd’s, video clips, films, guest speakers.

Speaking: regular oral participation in class, individual and group oral projects and presentations, oral tests, quizzes and misc. activities.

Reading: textbook, handouts, newspaper and magazine articles, poetry, lyrics, literature, publicity.

Writing: handout exercises, creative writing assignments, journal entries, reading logs, response writings, notebook (see Materials Needed section on page 3 detailing notebook divider expectations.)

Oral Participation: consistent daily attempts at using French in the classroom and using a minimum of English.

Evaluation: weekly quizzes (hand written notes permitted,) cumulative quizzes (no notes allowed,) regular vocabulary & grammar quizzes, unit tests and final exam.

Overall Participation: Teacher will assess and students will self-assess student performance and participation (see Participation Rubric*.)

Students will be scored on the following scale:

A= 93-100 B= 85-92 C= 77-84 D= 70-76 F= below 69

EXTRA CREDIT will be an option in extreme situations and only for individuals who have completed a high percentage of the regularly assigned work as well as excellent attendance.

It is simple. An individual’s attendance directly affects his/ her grade.  Frequent absences and/ or exiting class for various reasons on a pass will inevitably affect one’s grade negatively.  Each individual must do everything possible to be IN CLASS in order to insure success. This means be at school and keep pass requests to a MINIMUM.

It is the individual’s responsibility to contact the teacher about any make-up work that might be allowed in the event that there is an excused absence.  If an absence is known about in advance (example: sport or band trip) the student must notify the teacher in advance.  This is especially true for any missed tests, quizzes or projects.

Materials needed:

1- 3 RING BINDER (1/2 inch to 1 inch) devoted entirely to French.

6- dividers for binder:
1.les notes écrites à la main grammaire
3.le vocabulaire/ textes           4. les devoirs
5.les interros/ examens musique/culture

1- writing utensil EVERYDAY IN CLASS- pen or pencil.

1- French/English dictionary

**strongly recommended:
1- highlighter
1- verb book

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