Mr. R.
Math Teacher
West Wendover Sr/Jr High School
Elko School District
2055 Elko Avenue
West Wendover, NV  89883
United States
Phone: (775) 664-3940
Fax: (775) 664-3944
About me
Graduated: Weber State University
Bachelor of Science: Mathematics Education
Minors: Business and Marketing
Certifications: CTE and ESL
     Once an eager Greek student wanted to gain wisdom and insight. He went to Socrates to seek his counsel. The boy asked how he too could acquire such knowledge. Being a man of few words, Socrates chose not to speak, but to illustrate.
     Socrates slowly walked along a nearby beach with the boy eagerly following. Without warning, the old sage walked straight out into the water. He loved to do curious things like that, especially when he was trying to prove a point. The pupil gingerly followed, joining Socrates where the water was just below their chins.
     Without saying a word, Socrates reached out and put his hands on the boy’s shoulders, looked deep into his student’s eyes, then suddenly pushed the student’s head under the water with all his might. The youth struggled and fought to get back to the surface, to get air once again. Just as the youth was about to give up, Socrates released his captive. The boy burst to the surface, gasping for air, choking from the salt water, and looked around for Socrates. To his bewilderment, the old man was already patiently walking toward the beach.
     As he waded towards Socrates, he angrily shouted, "Why did you try to kill me?" The wise man calmly replied with a question: "Boy, when you were underneath the water, not sure if you would live to see another day, what did you want more than anything in the world?"
     The student took a few moments to reflect, then softly repled, "I wanted to breathe." Socrates smiled at the boy and said, "Ah! When you want wisdom and insight as badly as you wanted to breathe, it is then that you shall have it."