Mrs. Lester
Spanish Teacher
Murphy Junior High School
Oswego CUSD 308
26923 Grande Park Boulevard
Plainfield, IL  60585
United States
Phone: (630) 608-5132
Fax: (630) 608-5191
Mrs. Lester just discovered Wordwall! When you click on a link below, you will have a variety of interactive/game templates from which to choose. On the right side under "Interactives" you should click "Show All" to see more options.

Unit 3-4 Sentence Practice (7 options):
Units 1-4 Review (13 options):
Units 1-4 Vocabulary Review (13 options):
Units 1-4 Review (12  options):
Units 1-4 Review (9 options):
Unit 4 Sentence Practice with El Comediante:
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