Mrs. Nancy G. Gezzi
Second Grade Teacher/ Private Tutor
Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet
Montgomery County
Montgomery, AL
United States
About me
    My name is Nancy G. Gezzi.  This will be my 26th year teaching second grade at Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet. This is my fifteenth year running a website for student enrichment, as well as parent resources. This is the place to go if your child is complaining about nothing to do on a rainy day, or if they do not understand something at school.
   Along with teaching my second graders the regular subjects, I like to teach them to put electronic equipment to use. I feel like they should be able to connect devices and use computer software, touchscreen computers, tablets, cameras, printers, and flash drives. This is what they will be doing as they grow older in today's technology driven world. It's good to get them started at a very young age.
   During the summer I rarely touch the computer unless I'm doing some sort of research.  Instead, I love to read, ride my motorcycle, make jewelry, and participate in some form of martial arts. I hope some of my students will remember this, and take time out in the summer to read and get some fresh air. Life is about balance. We all need to keep our bodies active as well as our brains.
This website is a tool to help the students study their skills in a TIMELY, yet fun manner. I do, however, want them to understand that these tools are not their only means to a second grade education.
    It is important to listen carefully to new lessons anywhere you can get them.  Yes, it is fun to talk about and show what you know; but, to learn more, you must listen. When you are a good listener, you are showing that you have respect for your teacher and others around you. When you show this respect, you get it back . When everyone respects each other, there is peace and harmony in the classroom. This creates a wonderful learning environment where everyone is happy and learning exciting new things. This is our goal.
                                                                        Mrs. Gezzi