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Algebra I Part I & II
Northwood High School
Smyth County
Drawer Y
Saltville, VA  24370
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Phone: 276-496-7751
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I want to welcome you and your child to the 2009-2010 school year. I look forward to teaching your child and working with you to make this a successful year. I wanted to touch base on some things that I may have missed at back to school night and also the ones that did not make it that night. This is my third year of teaching and still getting in the groove of everything, so anything that I missed going over with you, I hope to send a reminder.
I graduated in May 2007 from UVA-Wise. I am originally from Meadowview and graduated from Patrick Henry (I think the kids have finally forgiven me for that). I played softball in high school and at the collegiate level, so I am a very big supporter of athletics. I am the Assistant Varsity Softball Coach and work with the pitchers here at Northwood. I have enjoyed the past 2 years and I hope this school will become my new home.
This is an SOL content subject area, however, students in Algebra I Part I will not take an SOL at the end of the semester. They will take an end of course test created by the math teachers at NHS to determine if they are ready for Part II. Students in Algebra I Part II will take the SOL at the end of this semester. I encourage you to work with your child and look through their notebook on a regular basis and help make sure homework assignments are being completed and grades are staying satisfactory.

3 ring notebook, or spiral notebook, pencils – not ink (a deduction will be made on all papers turned in ink), notes in pen are fine, paper, calculator (optional) for home use.

Grades will be obtained in various ways (quizzes, tests, homework, class work, worksheets, etc.) The grading criteria as outlined by Smyth County Schools is as follows: A (100-93) B (92-85) C (84-77) D (76-70) F (69 AND BELOW)

Homework is an essential part to mastering math concepts. The sole purpose of homework is to practice concepts presented in class. I strongly encourage you to seek help from others when you have difficulty with assignments. “I didn’t understand” is not an acceptable excuse for not completing assignments. SEEK HELP! (A deduction in a student’s grade will be the consequence for incomplete homework)

I can’t teach you if you’re not here. If at all possible don’t be absent. YOU are responsible for all information missed when absent. School Board Policy will be followed regarding attendance. All makeup work must be submitted to the teacher within five days of the student’s return to school. PERFECT attendance (no absences, no tardies and no early dismissals from my class) will be rewarded with 3 points on the average each nine-weeks. School related tardies, absences or early dismissals will not be counted against your perfect attendance. AFTER 5 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES, 1 POINT WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR EACH UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.

A student is tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell starts to ring. The four minutes between classes should be sufficient time for everyone to arrive on time. Punishment will be dealt with consistently on an individual basis according to school policy.

• Be seated and have materials on desk when the bell rings • No talking during notes, quizzes, or tests • Respect yourself and others around you

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