Sra. Fite
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Middle School
11525 Snider Rd.
11300 Snider Rd.
Cincinnati, OH, OH  45249
United States
Phone: 513-247-9944
About me
I was a former missionary in the countries of Perú and Paraguay over a period of 18 years.  I love the Hispanic people and culture and feel very much at home in any Latin American country.  I have been back in the States since the beginning of 2000.  I home schooled my children up until the 2001-2002 school year when I began teaching Spanish at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.  My husband also teaches Spanish here after several years of teaching Christian Studies.  I have three sons -- two of whom were born in Perú.  All are fluent in Spanish.  The eldest is married to a Spanish teacher, the second is married to a young lady from the Dominican Republic, and my youngest puts his Spanish to use on mission trips.  We are a bi-lingual family.