Profesora Tingen
Spanish 1001 Tingen
Gordon College
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Barnesville, GA  30204
United States
Phone: 770-358-5000
About me
While learning another language is not difficult, it does require time and effort. 

The primary goal of any second language acquisition program should be to enable students to achieve real functional ability—understanding, reading, writing and speaking—in the new language.  My teaching practices strive to achieve these goals.

Students learn more easily when they are focused on communication rather than on a jargon laden learning task .  Grammatical concepts should first be learned intuitively as learned in their first language rather than through discrete point grammar explanations.  The techniques and strategies I use in my classroom are founded in accepted theories and are supported by current research in second language acquisition as well as research into how the brain learns.
I received my B.A. in Spanish at Middle Tennessee State University in 1972. In 2007, I completed a Master’s degree in Spanish language and culture from Universidad Salamanca in Spain. Since I began teaching in 1985, I have taught in every grade level from kindergarten through college.
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