Mr. Terrones
Driver Education Instructor
Ames, Colo-Nesco, Dayton, Eagle Grove, Gilbert, Humboldt, Ogden, South Hamilton and Roland-Story
Community School Districts
About me
Welcome to StreetSmarts Drivers Education. Your son/daughter is currently enrolled in the driver's education course at Ames, Colo-Nesco, Eagle Grove, Dayton, Gilbert, Humboldt, Ogden, Roland-Story, or South Hamilton School District. We will provide "Best Practice", classroom instruction and competent fundamental behind the wheel driving skills. This course is required for any student who wishes to acquire their drivers' license before the age of eighteen. Our program follows the state guidelines of 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours each of behind the wheel/in car observation. We stay current with new D.O.T. regulations and have guest speakers discuss key topics throughout the class time.
To ensure that your teen has the best possible instruction, the following classroom rules will be followed:
1.  Be on time and bring materials to class.
2.  Cell phones or MP3 players will be allowed during class time when part of the assignments.
3.  Attendance is mandatory. Students can attend class at one of the other sites to make up missed class. After 2 unexcused absences or tardies the student may be dropped from class.
4.  Students shall be respectful to others in the class, guest speakers, and the instructors by behaving properly during drives and class time.
5.  Students will follow all district rules while on school property.
6.  Once your son/daughter is assigned a drive time, it is important that they keep their scheduled time.  If you do not call in advance to reschedule a drive, do not show up to a drive time that is scheduled, you may be assessed a $25.00 makeup fee.  The missed drive time will be made up at the instructor's convenience.
If your child fails to follow these rules, the parent will be contacted, and if necessary, Teen Driver reserves the right to remove the student from the program. Refund may be forfeited.

Parents, please do your part with the 20 supervised driving hours while your child is in class. Your willingness to assist in this instruction will improve your child's behind the wheel experience. Questions please call Mr. Terrones 515.291.8208

Students must receive minimum of 80% for homework and on their final.
Quia Web Quizzes        350
Final Exam    220
Current Events              60
Power pt. Presentation/KaHoot   60
Homework  Q’s             110        Total    800 Pts.
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