Señora Bustos and Madame Bustos
Spanish and French Instructor
Desert Hot Springs H.S.
Desert Hot Springs, CA  92240
United States
Phone: 1-760-288-7000
About me
I am a teacher with over forty years experience teaching mainly Spanish. I also teacher the lower levels of French when there is a need.   I have taught in both Washington State and California.  I hold a Masters Degree from Whitworth College in Washington.  I have also done graduate work at Eastern Washington University, Boise State, San José State and Carleton College in Minnesota.  I have taken extensive training in a communicative approach to learning languages called Total Physical Response Storytelling and regularly use this strategy in my French and Spanish first and second year classes.  My career in Education has been very rewarding and I look forward to a future doing what I have been so lucky to have done for so long--being a H.S. language teacher.